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I am very glad to greet you here on behalf of the whole staff and all students of this magic place where the most wildest dream has a chance to come true. This set of web pages is specially created for those of you who are interested in broadening his or her horizons beyond the level of ordinary muggle life. I would really appreciate it if you had a look at the words below in the section that corresponds to who you are. And please feel free to ask any questions that will inevitably come to your mind after having read this information. You can easily find my email at the very foot of every page.

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If you are a STUDENT or a TEACHER in a similar Hogwarts School:
It would be exciting to have experience of studying or teaching in another magic school abroad, wouldn't it? If your answer is yes, don't doubt that we share your opinion :) Your help will be invaluable if you contact the administration of your school and tell them about us. After that we're sure that your Hogwarts representatives will send us a message and who knows... Probably, it will be you whom we're going to say a happy hello soon:)

If you are a DIRECTOR or an OWNER of a similar Hogwarts School:
In the world of challenge that we can observe today, it is necessary to react to every change properly in order to turn it into growth. One way to achieve it is to share your local experience on the global stage of magical education. Perhaps, we could cooperate in this area and develop a student and teacher exchange programme or other activities in close collaboration of our Hogwarts Schools. You are more than welcome to contact us.

We have absolutely no profit from our activities, which are no more than just games. But if you find that some property is used illegaly on any page of this website, please let us know, and the accidental misunderstanding will be solved as soon as possible.


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